Client Testimonials

One of Ocala's Horses
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Dear Diane,

Thank You for all your Help, Roberts Real Estate should be "Proud" to have you on there Staff, and we are Proud you are representing us. Being an out of state Buyer can be scary, but we have the utmost trust in you and Roberts Real Estate caring for and protecting our interests in the Purchase.


Claude Koszuta

Another Ocala Horse
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As a client of Diane McCombs I would like to say that she persisted in our case and continued to advertize our home for an extended period of time until it sold. We cannont say enough positive things about her efforts on our behalf to market our home. She was very discerning when bringing prospective buyers to our attention so we were not bothered by a lot of unqualified buyers. Diane was very honest and forthright with us as to any changed or improvements that would enhance the interest of potential buyers.

We felt very fortunate to have Diane as our agent and even though it took longer than we anticipated for the buyer to show up, we are confident that Diane did all that was necessary to make it happen. We do not hesitate to recommend Diane as your real-estate agent.


Garry & Jan Seitz

Quick Sale
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Keith and I wanted to thank you for the excellent service that you provided to us. We did not expect that a contract would be written within three weeks of our house being listed.   We don't know if the buyer found us through your web site or  from the Realtor Caravan, either way they were both excellent means of getting the word out on our house. We will be recommending your services to our friends.
Thanks again for all the hard work.
Dawn and Keith Durden
Quick Sale
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My home remained on the market for over a year without any potential buyers. At the advice of a friend, I contacted Diane McCombs at Roberts Real Estate. Diane promptly visited the property, took numerous photos which appeared on her website the following day, and placed a sign on the lawn. Within a week the house sold!

Thank you Diane for your professionalism and attention to detail! Barrie Lewis/Ocala, Florida

Diane McCombs
Diane McCombs
7668 SW 60th Ave #200 Ocala FL 34476